Approved Bats 2018

Updated Monday February 5, 2018 by Tom Czanstkowski.


All bats for the 2018 season MUST comply with the new USA bat standards. Bats from last year WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in local league/tournament play.  THE EXCEPTION IS TEE-BALL. Tee-Ball bats from last year will still be allowed.

You can find all the information you need in the pdf file on this page and the Babe Ruth website.  

The website lists all the approved bats for each organization.  Note that these bat standards are different from USSSA.

MHYB will be discussing the purchase of approved bats for each team that may need one as we meet over the next few months.

The Lockeroom can order many, if not all, of the bats on this list. Find what you like online and then give them a call to order. 870-425-8111. Ask for Jason, Brian, or Donna. I got my bat there at the same price as it was online.

2018 Bat Rules.pdf